Rich Marshall / Matt Frohman



Changing the way you look at food, Rogues on The Road is a weekly culinary/ adventure/travel show with a focus on local sustainability and education. Hosts, Matt & Rich are charged with foraging, harvesting and even hunting local main ingredients. Along the way viewers will not only be entertained and fascinated, but they will also have a chance to learn about each ingredient acquired and some of the responsibilities that follow. Each episode ends with the help of a highlighted local chef challenge! With minimal supplies, and assistance from the Rogues one local chef must make his/her way to Matt & Rich's campsite or unique accommodations, where he/she will prepare an amazing final meal. Each episode meal is carefully paired with a locally produced wine, beer or spirit. Our hosts Rich (from England) and Matt (from the U.S.) incorporate cultural diversity, humor and a big splash of science to make this a fun to watch educational show!

Matt Frohman is fascinated by the world we live in. An observer of life, he questions what he sees and seeks out the answers – no matter where it takes him!

Raised by self-described “foodie” parents, Matt loved experiencing the ingredients and cuisine native to the places his parents would take the family on vacation. They loved to seek out the small, mom-and-pop restaurants and try them out; a love Matt inherited. He met some truly unique people and came away with some great stories.


Matt grew up in Chappaqua, New York and upon graduation from high school, embarked on his college career at the State University of New York at New Paltz. A performance and drama major, Matt had an epiphany shortly after graduation – being a struggling actor was not going to pay the bills or help support the family he envisioned having. Looking back to his childhood for inspiration, Matt recalled his love of nature, the environment, and asking questions and discovering answers about the world around him.


He got a job with the New York State Parks Department teaching outdoor education. During that time period he met Rich Marshall – with whom he would later partner on an incredible journey. For the next 10 years, Rich and Matt worked and later helped manage a residential camp for adults with disabilities.


In 2001, Matt’s desire to learn about the environment took him back to a place he loves – the outdoors. He helped establish and operate a kayak tour company on the Hudson River. That love grew exponentially when he worked on a research vessel teaching Marine Ecology for the Maritime Center in Norwalk, CT. from 2003-2004.


It was around then Matt met his future wife, Jennifer, who encouraged him to go back to school so he could further pursue his passions. Matt earned a Master’s degree in education in 2005 and has been teaching science to middle and high school students ever since. And while one passion – teaching students about the world we live in – was satisfied, another was eager to grow.


When exploring the world, Matt and Jennifer seek off-the-beaten-path destinations. Locales such as Crookhaven, Ireland and the small Hawaiian village of Volcano are a couple of their favorites. When not with Jennifer, Matt is travelling with Rich to remote areas, taking week-long journeys island hopping off the coast of Maine in homemade kayaks or backpacking through the Adirondacks. It was during these adventures he and Rich came up with the idea for “Rogues on the Road” – a show unique to television where he could combine his “foodie” roots with an intellectual curiosity that would take them farther from home and on a greater journey then either could imagine.