High Definition


On the filming end, Tracker Productions utilizes the latest Digital SLR cameras to capture video in full 1080P. We take advantage of DSLR format for its size and ease of use, but most importantly for the great visuals we get from its large sensor and amazing selection of lenses. With DSLR we capture an image style not easily achieved with traditional format video cameras.


Armed with backpacks and innovative equipment, the Rogues on The Road crew can access remote areas with minimal cost and effort giving way to spectacular HD footage.


With high definition and the director’s unique and masterful cinematography, Rogues on the Road is a fresh, new way to look at travel and food television. Rogues is guaranteed to entertain and take viewers to some of the greatest travel adventure destinations in the world.

Rogues On The Road is going to change the way people look at their food, where it comes from and how important it is to educate and support local communities.