Rich Marshall / Matt Frohman


Changing the way you look at food, Rogues on The Road is a weekly culinary/adventure/travel show with a focus on local sustainability and education. Hosts, Matt & Rich are charged with foraging, harvesting and even hunting local main ingredients. Along the way viewers will not only be entertained and fascinated, but they will also have a chance to learn about each ingredient acquired and some of the responsibilities that follow. Each episode ends with the help of a highlighted local chef challenge! With minimal supplies, and assistance from the Rogues one local chef must make his/her way to Matt & Rich's campsite or unique accommodations, where he/she will prepare an amazing final meal. Each episode meal is carefully paired with a locally produced wine, beer or spirit. Our hosts Rich (from England) and Matt (from the U.S.) incorporate cultural diversity, humor and a big splash of science to make this a fun to watch educational show!


Rich Marshall grew up on “the small island of Great Britain,” (as he likes to refer to it.)  His family had many opportunities to travel within their homeland as well as neighboring Europe. Rich’s parents took the brood to unique holiday locations where Rich was given the chance to experience different cultures and eat some amazingly diverse meals.

Raised in Cambridge, England, Rich began working with individuals with disabilities while still living in his native land. From the start it was a life he loved. So he jumped at an opportunity in 1996 to travel to the United States and spend a summer working at a camp for adults with disabilities. The trip combined the job he loved and the sense of adventure his parents instilled in him on their jaunts to the continent.


It was on this trip when he met Matt Frohman, who would go on to become one of his closest friends and his collaborator on “Rogues on the Road.”


For several years, Rich worked summers in the States and the rest of the year back home. The tragic events of September 11, 2001 prevented him from returning home right away. To fill the time until he could return to England, he worked alongside Matt at a kayak tour company. Before he could board the plane home, the kayak company offered him an 18-month internship, which he excitedly accepted.


During that time Rich met his wife, Crissy, and the rest, he says, “is history.” Despite residing in the States for over a decade, Rich still feels challenged daily with cultural differences between the U.S. and the U.K. But those challenges have hardly held him back. Rich believes the opportunity to experience the great melting pot that is the United States helped shape him as an individual and expand his willingness to take risks.


Rich had a desire to share those lessons with a large audience, hence his incredible excitement for “Rogues on the Road.” Rich brings that traditionally dry, fun, and sarcastic element of British humor and banter to the show. He is always willing to, “put it all on the line” to learn as much as possible while still having fun. Rich gives the viewers a different perspective, through which they will enjoy learning about the planet and what it has to offer. He wants to, “take viewers with us to experience the outdoors while learning about the responsibilities surrounding our food choices.”

While island hopping off the coast of Maine in homemade kayaks with Matt, the two friends came up with “Rogues on the Road” – a show unique to television where Rich could combine his worldly experience and a hunger for knowledge that would take him farther from home and on a greater journey then he could have ever imagined.